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Your Blind Spot

triangle image heart image
Follow these instructions:
  • Sit about arms length away from your computer screen.
  • Without closing it or pressing on it, completely cover your left eye using your left hand.
  • With your right eye, stare directly at the triangle image above. You will notice the heart image to the right.
  • Slowly move closer to the screen, continuing to stare at the triangle image.
  • At about 14-16 inches from the screen, the heart image should disappear completely, because it has disappeared into the blind spot of your right eye.
  • As you continue staring at the triangle image, keep moving forward a few more inches and as you will notice, the heart image will come back into view.
  • Try the same thing again, except this time with your right eye covered with your right hand stare at the heart image with your left eye, move in closer, and the triangle image will disappear.
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